Koudai (tite-line | Mullet)





2017年に湘南、江ノ島にて開催されている唯一無二にパーティー「Freedom Sunset Presents “Sunset Lounge”」のDJ Mixをリリース。


それを皮切りに、2017年「18S/S AMAZON FASHION WEEK TOKYO」にて世界中から注目された「thibaut」の2018年「2019S/S VANCOUVER FASHION WEEK」SHOW音源を担当する。


A DJ carrier is started from the beginning in 2000. 

His musicality is turning to much more Dance music 
through absorbing himself in reserching for sampling sause below the spot the influence with great culture of HIPHOP.

He moved to Tokyo since2013,
and then going back and forth Techno,House.

finally he almost established his own style while proceeding jump up the border of danger.

He’s contributing to dance floor in Japan. 
Being resident of “tite – line” “Mullet” .

DJ Mix of a party “Freedom Sunset Presents “Sunset Lounge”” is released in Shonan,Enoshima in 2017. 

And planning an art project which set its sights on new appreciation in a dead space “#BCTION” from 2014.

 In 2018 he composed a piece of music for   “VANCOUVER FASHION WEEK” SHOW source of “thibaut” 

from all over the world in “S/S AMAZON FASHION WEEK TOKYO” 

And a new project also begins to move at present, and the logic which is heterodoxy of Koudai is craved for by a scene certainly slowly