SUGAI KEN (Hybrid Set)

2017年作「不浮不埋 UkabazUmorezU」が国際的な評価(Pitchfork等)を獲得。 日本屈指のレーベル〈EM Records〉からの作品「如の夜庭 Garden in the Night (An Electronic Re-creation)」により世界中のコアなリスナーに認知され、LOS APSON?の年間チャートでは度々作品がランクインし、Fabriclive(UK)への楽曲提供も行った。DisclosureのBoiler RoomでのDJ set(2020年)にて楽曲が使用されるなど、世界中のwebラジオで楽曲が使用されており、Solid Steel(Ninjatune)シリーズにおいてはRob Boothを唸らせる奇特なDJ mixを提供。 2018年EUツアーでは、Cafe OTO(UK)公演がsold outになる等、注目度の高さをうかがわせ、全13公演(6ヶ国)にてその独自性を遺憾なく発揮。翌年のEUツアーもBerghainを皮切りに、Tim Heckerとの2マン公演など、7ヶ国に渡って全9公演を行った(2020年に企画されていた3度目のEUツアーはコロナ渦の為に延期)。 国内外からの依頼多数により複数のリリースを控えている。

A producer who gimmickily electrifies various domestic folklore around a unique style reminiscent of the Japanese night.
His 2017 work “UkabazUmorezU” received international acclaim (Pitchfork, etc.).
His work on one of Japan’s best labels, EM Records, “Garden in the Night (An Electronic Re-creation),” has brought him recognition from core listeners around the world, and a track from the album was featured on Fabriclive (UK).
His music is played frequently on web radio around the world, including Disclosure’s Boiler Room DJ set in 2020, and he also provided a curious DJ mix for the Solid Steel (Ninjatune) series that wowed Rob Booth.
In the 2018 EU tour, he performed at Cafe OTO (UK), which was sold out, showing the high level of attention he received, and he performed 13 shows (in 6 countries), demonstrating his uniqueness without compromise. The following year, he toured the EU, starting in Berghain, and performed 9 shows in 7 countries, including a 2-man show with Tim Hecker (a third EU tour planned for 2020 was postponed due to COVID19).
He currently has several releases in the pipeline due to numerous domestic and international requests.
In addition to his personal activities, he is also involved in several local performing arts archive projects in Japan, and is also involved in sound design for Soka Health Center (a typical Japanese sauna) and POLA (a major Japanese cosmetics manufacturer) and so on.
His striking artist photograph is those in which he has aged himself following the “Yatsushi” aesthetic, which he considers an essential element of Japanese deep culture.
He has been invited and is planning to gig to Europe in April.