shinPo mai -神宝 麻衣-


With the theme of women and emotion, I create works using a mysterious combination of original line drawing and gradation. While seeing, hearing and experiencing human relationships, I confirm my existence in my works by drawing memories embodying colors and shapes that float like musical waves.
After graduating from the fashion design department in high school and studying graphic design in Osaka, I worked at an apparel company at the age of 21 and gained a lot of experience from overseas purchases, HP design, sales and planning and photography. After resigning, I began MARUME design and have been working as an artist and art director.

・2012年、BIG JOHN BRAPPERS 店頭プロデュース
・2013年、東京ミッドタウン A971 定期イベント企画・出演
・2014年、東京 渋谷PARCO 2.5Dリニューアルコラボ
・2015年、初個展OBOROBI-朧美- ルネスホール公文庫カフェにて開催
・2017年、台湾「崋山1914-崋山Laugh&PeaceFactory」オンナノコ展 展示
・2017年、京都国際映画祭 協賛店Family Martにてライブペイント出演
・2018年、日本・台湾で発売 BarMaedaコラボ ラムボトル絵画提供
・2019年、塗料会社 関西ペイント東京本社にてライブペイント・作品展示
・2019年、日本三名園 岡山後楽園にて 全17点の作品展示MOYABI-靄美- 開催
・2019年、天皇さまへ絵画献上・title/脳の分裂 協力:田中節三さま
・2020年、NTTクレド岡山ビル 2Fうのまち珈琲店 廊下26m公開制作後常設 ..など

・2012、BIG JOHN BRAPPERS store producer
・2013、Tokyo Midtown A971 regular event planning and appearances
・2014、Tokyo, Shibuya PARCO 2.5D renewal collaboration
・2015、First solo exhibition “OBOROBI/朧美”, held at Renaiss Hall Kobunko Cafe
・2016、Opened secret trunk room gallery in Akasaka Tokyo.
・2017、”Onnanoko/Girls” Exhibition at “Huashan 1914 – Huashan Laugh & Peace Factory”, Taiwan.
・2017、Kyoto International Film and Art Festival – Live painting appearance at the sponsoship store, Family Mart
・2018、Painting provided for the BarMaeda collaboration rum bottle, released in Japan and Taiwan.
・2019、Live painting and artwork exhibition at the paint company “Kansai Paint”, Tokyo Headquarters.
・2019、Opening of the exhibition “MOYABI-靄美”, consisting of 17 artworks at Okayama Korakuen, one of the three great gardens of Japan
・2019、Presentation of the painting titled “Brain Division” to the Emperor of Japan. Cooperation: Setsuzo Tanaka
・2020、Live painting and permanent installation in a 26 meter corridor for Unomachi Coffee Shop, NTT CRED Okayama Building 2F

Instagram/ @shinpomai