Spring Love Harukaze 2015

Tokyo’s favorite urban free festival under the cherry blossoms is back! Themed “Festival for the Future”, this year’s Spring Love Harukaze promises to be a free-spirited, diverse, and totally fantastical event that everyone is invited to create and celebrate…together!

First begun in 2009, the festival was launched with the goal of using music and dance as tools with which to think about the importance of peace and nonviolence—as well as sustainable energy following the 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear power plant disaster in Tohoku.

Every year has included a lineup of amazingly passionate performing artists and activist guest speakers, in addition to food and crafts stalls, a kids zone, and much more…and this year’s event promises more of the same. So come think about your own future—and that of the planet—while enjoying the amazing Spring Love Harukaze vibe!

Event details:

Dates: Sat. March 28, 2015 12:00-8:00 p.m.
Sun. March 29, 2015 10:-8:00 p.m.

Place: Yoyogi Park Outdoor Event Space
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Map: http://www.whereintokyo.com/venues/25007.html

Official event website: http://harukaze.asia/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/harukaze.asia

Past festival highlights:
Spring Love Harukaze 2010: Music festival-goers feel the love; explore issues of peace and sustainability

Festival goals:

Since 2012, Spring Love Harukaze has been aiming to provide support for the children of Fukushima, as well as increase understanding of the need to shift to sustainable energy, and also help lead the movement to bring back dancing in clubs following its recent ban in Japan. You will find exhibits and information about these campaigns throughout the festival, and are invited to share your thoughts and views with others regarding these and other issues during the workshops and talk sessions. Let’s work together to create a more just and sustainable world!

Protecting our environment!

A portion of the festival sound systems utilize solar power, while other areas of the festival use recycled fuel such as biodiesel. Shop stalls are also encouraged to do likewise, in order to reduce the total amount of electrical energy consumption throughout the festival—as well as reduce the level of noise. We are proud that Spring Love Harukaze aims to be an environmentally-friendly event!

Please support crowdraising for Spring Love Harukaze 2015!

While the festival itself is free, renting the park space and putting on the festival itself most certainly is not. In order to ensure that the festival is able to continue to be held, please consider making a contribution to our crowdraising effort. Many thanks!


Artist lineup
** (all artist profiles available here!): http://harukaze.asia/2015/artist/

Sat. March 28

Spring (main) Stage:

cro-magnon feat. Izpon, DISC JUNKEY, Indus&Rocks, Masa, RabiRabi, SAIRU, SLUM

Love Stage:

ダブ山ジャズ男, Haruka, Hole and Holland, Izzy a.k.a Izuru Utsumi, SUNGA, Wata Igarashi、y.

Peace Tent:

Tomomi Suzuki, Masayuki Hattori, Honna Tatsuya, Wadafupsy, Build Dub Green, DJ PEACE, DJ tommy the royal, DJ YUMII

Sun. March 29

Spring (main) Stage:

Toshinori Kondo x DJ Sahib, DJ WADA, DJ YOGURT, J.A.K.A.M、LIVELOVES, Oki Dub Ainu Band, OVER ALL7 and more

Harukaze Charity Yoga by Yun ling

Love Stage:

DJ 威力, 7e, DJ Gr◯un土, fishu, KENNTA, LIL’MOFO, MOODMAN, pAradice, Toshio Bing Kajiwara

Peace Tent:

100% love&peace, BEAT CHAMELEON, DJ PEACE, HIDEYO BLACKMOON, jan and Naomi, Joysticka, mico, MIRYU

Discussion sessions:

Held at the Spring Stage & Peace Tent.
More info available here! http://harukaze.asia/2015/artist/

Sat. March 28

◎ Harukaze & Shifting Energy Sources
Participants: Yasushi Asada & RA Emcee: Asaco Wada

◎ Introduction to ‘Lifestyle Revolutions’
Participants: Keigo Sakatsume & Norio Ishiwata

Sun. March 29

◎ Workers Change The World!
Participants: Maki Akagi &柚木理雄 & Ryoma Nara (Ova Nu Village)

◎ Dancing for a Future of Freedom!
Participants: Lawyer Takahiro Saito

More info available here! http://harukaze.asia/2015/artist/

しがさやか, ヤゴウケイスケ, Aruto, Ayaka, Ayumi, bd works, Enwamade, Hikari Asobi Club, Kagerou, Kanoya, Kocha, Project, Majio, Overheads, Rusow, SamayaDesign, SANGA, STONE63, Taiki Kusakabe, Wada, Waifone, Yuji Oda, and more…

Kenji Hayashi, KOTARO MANABE

☆Kids & Family Zone☆
Sasazuka Bowling, MORISHANTI

Event put on by the Spring Love Harukaze 2015 Organizing Committee

Additional Support:
Ministry of the Environment Government of Japan, Kanto Regional Office

Event Participants:

Earth Day Tokyo 2014, Connectec Japan, Kadoman Planning, Sanwa Butai, 100%PARADE, aiko, Centaurus Graphics, ECOPARTY, ELIX, HIRANYA ACCESS, iPledge, LET’S DANCE signature drive organizing committee, LJ+88, Mind of Vision, M.M.Delight, MMU, natural smile, POSIVISION, RA -energy design, SOUND OF SOURCE, TAGUCHI, TEAM, UniqueP, WAON PRODUCTIONS, and many more….